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Alternative Therapies

 Although modern medicine’s many contributions have greatly benefited people with spinal cord dysfunction, it also has a down side that inordinately affects them. Examples include: Annually, 106,000 people die from adverse drug reactions in hospitals, making it the nation’s fourth to sixth leading cause of death. Painkillers alone, which people with spinal cord dysfunction often rely on, hospitalize over 76,000 people each year due to gastrointestinal complications. Almost two-million people who enter hospitals in this country get infections that they did not have when they went there. Of these, 80,000 die. According to a National Academy of Sciences’ report, medical mistakes kill 44,000 to 98,000 people annually These statistics are especially relevant to people with spinal cord dysfunction, who are often prone to overmedication, life-threatening infections, and more hospitalization. Clearly, such statistics warrant a serious consideration of alternative therapies, such as those summarized in this article. Although many of these therapies are not supported by rigorously designed scientific studies, one must note that the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment has concluded that only 10-20% of medical interventions physicians practice are scientifically proven. Most conventional, as well as alternative, medicine is based on a history of use and experience. The results of modern science’s carefully designed clinical trials are only a small fraction of our healthcare reality. Below are links to just a few alternatives.
There are many alternative, complementary, energy-based healing modalities that can help individuals with spinal cord dysfunction. Not only do they have the capability to help a variety of secondary conditions associated with such a disability, they have the ability in some people, for certain injuries or level of dysfunction, to restore function, sometimes dramatically. For More Information Visit http://www

Edgar Cayce's
Native American
Micro Scafolding
Remembering Mom
Chinese Energy Healing
 Psychic Energy
Magnetic Healing
FEG/ Functional Neuromuscular stimulation