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Kate Kimberly Foundation: benefiting SCI research and recovery

Ashlyn Shaffer
Nice personal page by an aspiring 20 year old ballerina

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Pages
Accessible travel reviews for the disabled, especially geared toward wheelchair users. Reviews of hotels, restaurants, airlines, and other businesses. a site for Moms with Disabilities
I know that at times it seems difficult to be a mother in a wheelchair, let alone "Just a Mother". But it could be a life that you will conquer with love and should be well worth every little mishap. I hope that this site gives you the courage and inspiration to be yourself and love being a Paramom.

Andy's Spinal Injury Website
Hi there, My cycling accident in 1994 radically changed my life. Hopefully this website will assist others in understanding the nature of spinal cord injury (SCI). - -

Red Rider Studio
beautiful artwork

The Healthy Gimp

Dennis Byrd was a man with great potential. Byrd was a professional football player; a defensive end for the New York Jets,
Dennis was about to sack the the quarterback when he collided with a teammate and his spinal cord was snapped.
In a split-second his football career ended. Byrd was paralyzed from the neck down. Everything he had planned for his life came to a screaming halt.

"Welcome to SITSKI.COM"
Taking the DIS out of disABILITY