Links/Wheelchair Skills

Need to work on your advanced wheelchair skills......this site is a great place to start

In the Obstacle Course Guidelines section, we provide a set of basic guidelines to assist someone who wishes to set up their own obstacle course, including written descriptions and photos.
In the Brochure section, we provide a brief summary of the WSP.
In the Evidence section, we provide a brief summary of the published studies related to the measurement properties of the WST and WST-Q, as well as the evidence supporting the safety and efficacy of the WSTP.
In the Publications section, you will find a list of wheelchair-related publications by the Dalhousie Wheelchair Research Team.
In the WSP Manual, you will find detailed instructions on how to administer the WST and WST-Q, as well as the procedures and techniques involved in the WSTP.
In the Forms section, we provide forms that can be used when using the WSP.
In the Spotter Strap section, you will find a pattern from which a spotter strap can be fabricated and instructions in its use.
In the Video Gallery section, we provide videotaped segments showing the skills' environment and examples of how the individual skills should or should not be performed, as well as examples of various wheelchair games.
In the International Efforts section, we provide an explanation of our efforts to encourage the use of the WSP in appropriate locations around the world.
In the Testimonials section, we provide samples of comments from experts and wheelchair users about the WSP.
In the Collaborators and Funding sections, we acknowledge the major contributors to the development of the WSP.
In the Registration section, you can provide us with the means of contacting you when the website is periodically updated. (under construction)