SCI Primer/Wheelchair Maintainence

Day 1

Store your owner's manual in a safe place for future reference.
Use a car wax on the chair frame to make future cleaning easierStore tools in a pouch, bag or container on your chair for use in a maintenance emergency.
Purchase a tube of "touch-up" paint to cover scratches and chipped paint.
Learn how to change your tires.
Purchase a tire "patch" kit and carry it with you.
Purchase a hand-pump to inflate tires and carry it with you.

Wipe chair down with clean damp rag.

After a thorough cleaning, use a car wax on the frame to make the next cleaning easier.
Check for loose nuts and bolts.
Check your wheel alignment.
Check for easy release and replacement of removable legrests, footrests, armrests and backrests.
Inspect chair frame for cracks.
Check that quick-release axles remove quickly.

Inspect wheels to ensure spokes from the axle to the rim are intact, and that rims are not bent.
Inspect front casters for wobbling, excessive play and alignment.
Clean axle housings of any debris.
Check tire pressure.
Check that wheel locks/brakes are secured tightly to the frame and are easily activated.

Check that folding chairs open and fold easily. Lubricate folding mechanism.
Lubricate all pivot points.
Lubricate ball bearings.