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One of the things having a SCI has meant to me was learning to become more aware. Aware of your surroundings to keep from getting hurt because people sometimes don't see you or don't notice you! But awareness is even more important when it comes to your body and your physical health, if something starts going wrong you might not feel it or notice it until it becomes a major issue. So when it comes to your health you need to be proactive and so you can avoid any problems. The best way I have found is through a sound knowledge of what can have an affect on you. These "Health Issue" pages along with the "SCI Links" are without a doubt the most import ones I put up, so they will be expanded and updated often. If nothing else about this site appeals to you, if the need should arise be sure and check these pages hopefully they will be of help! If there is anything you would like to find out about either send me a e-mail or post on the SCI Forum I will do my best to help!

You Are How You Feel
Heart Disease
Blood Clots
Skin Care
Pressure Sores
Sore Stages
 Autonomic Dysreflexia
Ahh Crap
UTI & Catheterization