Barrier Free                                                                                                            

Ramp Building
Commercial Baths

12 TIPS for a universal designed home

1. Lever handles on doors and faucets.
2. 36" wide doors (approximately $20 more than standard size, including
3. Floor levels and materials flush to each other.
4. Toilet seat height at 19".
5. Grab bars in the shower (also handy when you shave your legs).
6. 42" wide hallways
7. Increased lighting levels.
8. Walk-in shower with a seat and hand held spray.
9. Walk-in closet with dual height rods and shelves.
10. Handrails on both sides of stairs, inside and out.
11. Wheelchair accessible bedroom and bathroom on the first floor.
12. Slip-resistant flooring in bathroom and kitchen

Accessibility Manual
Wood Ramp Design
How to Add a Ramp that
Looks Good and Works Too
Curbless Showers

This manual has been developed by the City of San Antonio, Disability Access Office, Planning Department, as a guide and reference on new construction and remodeling jobs requiring Accessible/Universal design. 
Home modifications–including ramps, adapted living spaces, and assistive technology–make it possible for individuals with disabilities to navigate their
environments confidently and safely. 
Curbless Showers: An Installation Guide
Traditionally, many dwellings have had a combination
tub/shower bathing unit that gives the user the option of
standing to shower or sitting in the bathtub. However,
climbing in and out of a bathtub can be difficult and
even dangerous for people whose balance, strength, or
mobility may be limited.